About SMD company

SMD-Pharmaceutical is a certified pharmaceutical wholesale supplier, which is authorized to supply and distribute human and veterinary pharmaceuticals across the international market.

Based on the authorisation obtained from the Austrian Federal Office for Safety in Health Care, the company “SMD-Pharmaceutical”, located at Werksweg 2, 3710 Ziersdorf, is authorized to supply and distribute human and veterinary pharmaceuticals with due consideration of the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) rules, according to Article 63 of the Drug Law. To observe these assignments and guidelines we use official fundamentals and regulations with a practical orientation.

SMD-Pharmaceutical works with certified pharmaceutical companies with an operating license issued according to subparagraph 1of Article 63 of the Drug Law or, who have obtained an appropriate permit from a competent authority of another party in the European Economic Area. In addition, SMD-Pharmaceutical only supplies and distributes pharmaceuticals which are tradable according to the Drug Law.

Right to benefit

You can join our customer file if you have a GDP-certificate and an operating license. Furthermore, you have to be a community pharmacy, a veterinary medicine chest, a hospital pharmacy or a pharmaceuticals wholesaler.

Sales and distribution

Beneficiaries are requested to contact us, if there is some business interest. After verification of the operating license and the related certificates, we can give you further details about the working strategies of SMD-Pharmaceutical.
Please contact us at any time, if you have additional questions.

For further questions, please contact our team


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